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Another missing records is added to this discography dedicated to Aldo Sinesio's label, always thanks to Alessandro, who wanted to share a little piece of his passion with us.

Frank Rosolino - August 20, 1926, Detroit, Michigan / November 26, 1978, Los Angeles, California - will be remembered and respected throughout the contemporary jazz world for his mastery of the trombone, his uncanny ability to fit and work successfully with a wide range of musical ideas, and perhaps last but not entirely forgotten, his wit and capacity for comic entertainment. There has seldom been a time when any single aspect of this amazingly complex individual was submerged for any great length of time. He was always the superb performer, upfront individually as a musician or commercially as an entertainer.
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Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-04
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at “Junior Studio”,
Rome on 1973, May

Frank Rosolino (trombone), Franco D'Andrea (p),
Bruno Tommaso (bass), Bruno Biriaco (drums)

Gianni Basso (tenor sax) on track A2,
Enrico Pieranunzi replace F. D'Andrea on track B4


A1) Waltz for Roma - 8'19"
A2) Alex - 7'32"
A3) Free for All - 8'02"

B1) Blue Daniel - 6'47"
B2) Close the Door - 4'59"
B3) Skylab - 6'28"
B4) Toledo - 4'50"

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Here come the '70s and in full pop and rock age, Umiliani enters in his Sound Work Shop studio to record "Jazz A Confronto No. 35" on HORO label.

The album is a vibrant ode to Duke Ellington, played with friends Cicci Santucci, Nino Culasso, Marcello Boschi, Gianni Basso and other famous names in italian jazz.

Finally Umiliani, age 48, thirty years after finding that record forbidden called "Hot Duke" in a little shop in Florence, he feels ready to dedicate a tribute to his idol, his inspiration.

Those tracks will be reprinted in the 2000 CD "Ode to Duke Ellington" (Easy Tempo ET 935) with the addition of special versions of Ellington songs recorded by Umiliani in it's activities.


Label: HORO
Catalog# HLL 101-35
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Released: 1974, March-April
At “Sound Work-Shop Studio”

Produced by Aldo Sinesio

Nino Culasso, Cicci Santucci,
Romano Parrini, Michele Lacerenza (trumpets),
Giancarlo Becattini, Ernesto Pumpo,
Paolo Boccabella, Baldo Rossi (trombones),
Marcello Boschi, Baldo Maestri (alto saxophones),
Gianni Basso, Sal Genovese (tenor saxophones),
Giuseppe Taurino (baritone saxophone),
Carlo Zoffoli (vibes),
Bruno Carnini (hammond organ),
Roberto Pregadio (piano),
Pino Rucher (guitar),
Maurizio Maiorana (electric bass),
Roberto Zappulla, Vincenzo Restuccia (percussion),
Piero Umiliani (moog, arranger and conductor)
Al Corvin replaces Nino Culasso in
“Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”
and “It Don’t Mean A Thing...”



A1) Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington - Gordon - Mills)
Soloist: Gianni Basso (ts)

A2) Caravan (Ellington - Tizol - Mills)
Soloists: Nino Culasso (tp), Gianni Basso (ts), Cicci Santucci (tp)

A3) Jeep’s Blues (Ellington - Hodges)
Soloists: Cicci Santucci (tp),
Sal Genovese (b. fh), Marcello Boschi (as)

A4) Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Ellington)
Soloist: Piero Umiliani (sinth)

A5) The Mood to be Wooed (Ellington)
Soloist: Marcello Boschi (as)

B1) Mood Indigo (Ellington - Bigard - Mills)
Soloists: Piero Umiliani (sinth),
Marcello Boschi (fl), Cicci Santucci (tp)

B2) Take The «A» Train (Strayhorn)
Soloists: Cicci Santucci (tp), Marcello Boschi (fl), Gianni Basso (ts)

B3) Sophisticated Lady (Ellington - Mills - Parish)
Soloist: Piero Umiliani (sinth)

B4) Blues of The Vagabond (Ellington)
Soloists: Nino Culasso (tp), Cicci Santucci (tp)

B5) It Don’t Mean A Thing (Ellington)
Soloists: Gianni Basso (ts), Marcello Boschi (fl),
Piero Umiliani (sinth), Al Corvin (tp)

B6) Solitude (Ellington - Mills - De Lange)
Soloists: Piero Umiliani (sinth), Bruno Carnini (h. org)

sabato 10 aprile 2010


The musicians who play in this record were often involved in jazz:
Afonso Vieira is the drummer in Irio De Paula's group and played with such jazzmen as Sal Nistico, Gato Barbieri, Steve Grossman and Archie Shepp;
Luis Agudo disclosed his incredible capabilities during some unforgettable performances with Elvin Jones' group.
So, no wonder if their names appear in this cover, especially in our days, when a lot of labels have turned into what they really are: words.


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-33
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome 1975, November 11

Luis Agudo (percussion, berimbau & voice)
Afonso Vieira (drums, surdo, flute & voice)


Side A

A1) Jorge Do Pandeiro - 4'40"
A2) Sumarè - 7'44"
A3) Coacatu - 3'04"
A4) Bachicha - 6'06"

Side B

B1) Foresta - 5'50"
B2) Agueira - 17'35"

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HORO 32 - LEE KONITZ - HLL 101-32

Lee Konitz (born October 13, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American jazz composer and saxophone player.

Konitz is sometimes regarded as the preeminent cool jazz saxophonist, because he performed and recorded with Claude Thornhill, Lennie Tristano and with Miles Davis on his epochal Birth of the Cool, which gave the form its name.

Konitz has also been repeatedly noted as one of the few jazz saxophonists of the late 1940s and 1950s who did not seem imitative of the massively influential Charlie Parker.

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lee konitz discography


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-32
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome 1976, January 17

Lee Konitz (alto sax), Dave Cliff (guitar),
Peter Ind (bass), Al Levitt (drums)


Side A

A1) Roma Today - 5'30"
A2) 317 E. 32nd Street - 6'18"
A3) Mimiche - 3'55"
A4) Background Music - 5'12"

Side B

B1) Blues for Sinesio - 5'07"
B2) Fools Rush In - 4'31"
B3) Feather Bed - 6'40"
B4) Cerri Three - 2'50"

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Roberto Della Grotta is a young European musician and his name and his music make me think of an old, idle problem: can a European be a good jazzman?


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-31
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome 1975, December 15

Roberto Della Grotta (bass),
Antonello Salis (piano),
Giancarlo Maurino (alto sax, soprano),
Marzio Zoffoli (guitar, flute), Mario Marinelli (drums)


Side A

A1)Ballad per Lucia - 2'06"
A2) Amalia Sings - 8'15"
A3) Capo Ortano - 7'56"

Side B

B1) Triton - 4'55"
B2) Peggy - 8'40"
B3) Asmodeus - 5'44"

sabato 13 marzo 2010


Jazz is by itself an emarginated music, but Gerardo Iacoucci is an emarginated musician in Jazz...



Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-30
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome 1975, November 27

Gerardo Iacoucci (piano, el. p)


Side A

A2) Percussioni Africane
A3) Strutture

Side B

B1) D Minor Blues
B2) Omaggio A Lennie
B3) Magda's Waltz
B4) Caiage

sabato 27 febbraio 2010

HORO 29 - ROY HAYNES - HLL 101-29

Roy Owen Haynes, born on March 13, 1925, in Roxbury, MA, is one of the few jazz musicians alive today whose roots touch the origins of jazz itself.
Of West Indian descent, his first experience in music was observing his father, a church organist. When Roy plays his drums, sixty years of experience informs every authoritative stroke.
A working musician since 1942, Haynes' unrelenting swing and sound of surprise has graced the bands of a who's-who list of jazz innovators across a wide spectrum of improvisation.

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Roy Haynes Discography


Roy Haynes Hip Ensemble

Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-29
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded live in Rome 1975, November 13

Roy Haynes (drums),
Don Pate (bass),
Mark Fiorillo (guitar),
John Mosley (trumpet), Bill Saxton (tenor sax)


Side A

A1) Spring Time - 10'04"
A2) Well You Needn't - 8'25"

Side B

B1) I'm So High - 8'05"
B2) Guadalupe - 12'36"

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In a future history of jazz, "Jazz A Confronto" series by Aldo Sinesio will occupy a very important and irreplaceable position.

Walter Mauro, 1975


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-27
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome 1975, September 28

Archie Shepp (soprano and tenor sax), Charles Greenlee (trombone),
Dave Burrell (piano), David Williams (bass), Beaver Harris (drums)


Side A

1) Lybia - 21'20"

Side B

1) My Heart Cries Out To Africa - 19'03"

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Stafford James has been in the front lines for 30 years. He is thankful for the early encouragement he received from artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner and his mentor, bass giant Charles Mingus.
“I will always appreciate the way he approached me as a young musician trying to get out of the bucket and find my own direction”.

He recorded with the legendary Albert Ayler (“Music is the Healing Force”), with Dexter Gordon (including “Home Coming”), with the fusion oriented guitarist John Scofield, with Jimmy Heath, Pharoah Sanders and nine albums with the late trumpeter Woody Shaw. 

The last 15 years have been solely dedicated to his ensemble, The Stafford James Project.


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-26
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in, Rome 1975, July 31

Stafford James (bass), Enrico Rava (trumpet),
Dave Burrell (piano), Beaver Harris (drums)


Side A

A1) Costa Bruciata - 9'40"
A2) Neptune's Child - 12'18"

Side B

B1) City Of Dreams - 5'16"
B2) I Ain't Named It Yet - 11'46"

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In the Seventies, going often to meet, in big cities like Rome or Milan, the great African American musicians who came to give concerts, but it was a little more rare to find Italian jazz musicians, or producers, who took advantage of these "trips".
Once it was successful, for example, on 24 October 1970, when Giorgio Buratti, taking advantage of some free hours of the group that Charles Mingus had presented to International Jazz Festival in Milan, he recorded the excellent LP "A Smooth Day" by Dannie Richmond, Jaki Byard, Eddie Preston and Bobby Jones (soon on Jazz from Italy).

Mingus's quintet, returned to Italy in July 1975, and even on that occasion, in a break from the "official tour", the musicians take the opportunity to record their music on vinyl, this vinyl that today you can listen, recorded in Rome by Dannie Richmond, Don Pullen, George Adams, Jack Walrath and more...

This happened a few times, I said, but almost every time, there was Aldo Sinesio.

Dannie Richmond by Roberto Polillo, courtesy Siena Jazz

Closely associated with Charles Mingus, Dannie Richmond was on most of his sessions from 1955-1978, showing impressive versatility.
Richmond and Mingus made for a very potent team, shifting rhythms, tempos, and grooves together, hinting at New Orleans jazz now and then while sometimes playing very freely. Richmond was originally a tenor saxophonist who as a teenager played R&B, touring with Paul Williams.
He took up the drums in 1955, and six months later joined Charles Mingus when he proved that he could play at very fast tempos. During Mingus' off periods, Richmond freelanced with Chet Baker, the group Mark-Almond, Joe Cocker, and even Elton John.
After Mingus' death, Richmond played with Mingus Dynasty and then became a member of the George Adams-Don Pullen Quartet (1980-1985), occasionally leading his own groups.

by Scott Yanow from All Music Guide


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-25
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome 1975, July 28

Dannie Richmond (drums), Don Pullen (piano),
George Adams (tenor sax), Jack Walrath (trumpet),
David Friesen (bass), Irio De Paula (guitar), Afonso Vieira (percussion)


Side A

A1) Neata Babe Boogie - 7'10"
A2) Waltz For Tamia - 7'16"
A3) April Denise - 7'08"

Side B

B1) I Told You So - 20'26"

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Until some time ago, my wishlist of HLL, Jazz A Confronto series, was blocked.

I was also thinking about starting to publish, in this same blog, the records of the other two series of HORO, the HZ and the HDP, where Aldo Sinesio recorded, as rare documents that remained over time, musicians like these: Gil Evans, Don Pullen, George Adams, Dave Burrell, Stafford James, Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Ran Blake, David Murray, Sam Rivers, Roy Haynes, Karl Berger, Martial Solal, M.E.V, etc.

Then, with the help of Alessandro, musician and jazz's fan, I had the opportunity to hear two chapters missing in my collection, and also to shorten my wish list, and I'm here.

The first one that I share with you, is the Jazz A Confronto n° 24.

Enrico Pieranunzi six years

According to Enrico Pieranunzi discography, compiled by Maurizio Franco and published in the Musica Jazz magazine, this is the first LP recorded by the roman pianist as a leader.
This discography, including his records only until 1993, is the most complete documentation on the recordings of the first Pieranunzi.

Thanks again to Alessandro, who also sent me the volume No. 4 of this legendary series that I'll put online soon, I wish to say thanks to Steve Williams, collaborator to, and my greatest supporter since the beginning of this project.


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-24
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded in Rome, between June 21 and June 30, 1975
Enrico Pieranunzi (p),
Bruno Tommaso (bass), Ole Jorgensen (drums)


A1) Piece for Joan - 4'59"
A2) After You - 5'18"
A3) Polychrome - 4'22"
A4) Blues Smiles - 5'04"

Enrico with his father, Alvaro Pieranunzi,
one of the pioneers of jazz in Italy.

B1) Long Drink - 3'34"
B2) Soul Day - 6'58"
B3) Ragnhild - 3'52"
B4) Camping 72 - 6'28"

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STEVE GROSSMAN was born in New York City on January 18, 1951.
When Wayne Shorter left the Miles Davis band in 1969, his place was taken by 18 year old, Grossman.

Initially the teenager was much criticized, yet his fresh approach and an emotional intensity beyond his years added much to the band. Grossman studied saxophone with his brother, starting on alto, moving to soprano and tenor by 1968. He played with a number of groups including the Jazz Samaritans, with George Cables and Lenny White before joining Davis and recording his first sessions.
During the 70s Grossman played with Lonnie Liston Smith and in Elvin Jones' group and in 1975 founded the Stone Alliance with Gene Perla. Since 1991, Grossman has completed a handful of top-notch albums for Dreyfus Records.

His most recent recordings prior to Quartet are a live trio date from 1989, “Bouncing with Mr. A. T.”, released as a tribute to the late drummer Art Taylor, “Time to Smile”, a 1993 studio date bedrocked by Elvin Jones; and the wholly spectacular “In New York”, taken from a 1991 club stay that featured Taylor on drums and McCoy Tyner on piano.
Presently shuttling between Italy and France, Steve Grossman is in the full flower of his artistic maturity.

Potent display of the saxophonist's heartfelt playing and improvisatory genius are found on his recent sides, “Steve Grossman Quartet Featuring Michel Petrucciani” and “Steve Grossman/Johnny Griffin Quintet”.



Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-23
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at "Titania Studios", Rome 1975, April 06

Steve Grossman (tenor sax, soprano sax, piano),
Irio De Paula (guitar),
Alessio Urso (bass), Afonso Vieira (drums),
Nilton Castro (percussion)


Side A

A1) Piazza Di Spagna - 7'56"
A2) Maracanà - 7'10"
A3) Scala Dei Turchi - 6'30"

Side B

B1) Moon Dance - 5'53"
B2) So Brasa - 6'05"
B3) Libra Rising - 11'23"