sabato 22 maggio 2010


Here come the '70s and in full pop and rock age, Umiliani enters in his Sound Work Shop studio to record "Jazz A Confronto No. 35" on HORO label.

The album is a vibrant ode to Duke Ellington, played with friends Cicci Santucci, Nino Culasso, Marcello Boschi, Gianni Basso and other famous names in italian jazz.

Finally Umiliani, thirty years after finding that record forbidden called "Hot Duke" in a little shop in Florence, he feels ready to dedicate a tribute to his idol, his inspiration.

Those tracks will be reprinted in the 2000 CD "Ode to Duke Ellington" (Easy Tempo ET 935) with the addition of special versions of Ellington songs recorded by Umiliani in it's activities.


Label: HORO
Catalog# HLL 101-35
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Released: 1974, March-April
At “Sound Work-Shop Studio”

Produced by Aldo Sinesio

Nino Culasso, Cicci Santucci,
Romano Parrini, Michele Lacerenza (trumpets),
Giancarlo Becattini, Ernesto Pumpo,
Paolo Boccabella, Baldo Rossi (trombones),
Marcello Boschi, Baldo Maestri (alto saxophones),
Gianni Basso, Sal Genovese (tenor saxophones),
Giuseppe Taurino (baritone saxophone),
Carlo Zoffoli (vibes),
Bruno Carnini (hammond organ),
Roberto Pregadio (piano),
Pino Rucher (guitar),
Maurizio Maiorana (electric bass),
Roberto Zappulla, Vincenzo Restuccia (percussion),
Piero Umiliani (moog, arranger and conductor)
Al Corvin replaces Nino Culasso in
“Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”
and “It Don’t Mean A Thing...”



A1) Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington - Gordon - Mills)
Soloist: Gianni Basso (ts)

A2) Caravan (Ellington - Tizol - Mills)
Soloists: Nino Culasso (tp), Gianni Basso (ts), Cicci Santucci (tp)

A3) Jeep’s Blues (Ellington - Hodges)
Soloists: Cicci Santucci (tp),
Sal Genovese (b. fh), Marcello Boschi (as)

A4) Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Ellington)
Soloist: Piero Umiliani (sinth)

A5) The Mood to be Wooed (Ellington)
Soloist: Marcello Boschi (as)

B1) Mood Indigo (Ellington - Bigard - Mills)
Soloists: Piero Umiliani (sinth),
Marcello Boschi (fl), Cicci Santucci (tp)

B2) Take The «A» Train (Strayhorn)
Soloists: Cicci Santucci (tp), Marcello Boschi (fl), Gianni Basso (ts)

B3) Sophisticated Lady (Ellington - Mills - Parish)
Soloist: Piero Umiliani (sinth)

B4) Blues of The Vagabond (Ellington)
Soloists: Nino Culasso (tp), Cicci Santucci (tp)

B5) It Don’t Mean A Thing (Ellington)
Soloists: Gianni Basso (ts), Marcello Boschi (fl),
Piero Umiliani (sinth), Al Corvin (tp)

B6) Solitude (Ellington - Mills - De Lange)
Soloists: Piero Umiliani (sinth), Bruno Carnini (h. org)