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HORO 29 - ROY HAYNES - HLL 101-29

Roy Owen Haynes, born on March 13, 1925, in Roxbury, MA, is one of the few jazz musicians alive today whose roots touch the origins of jazz itself.
Of West Indian descent, his first experience in music was observing his father, a church organist. When Roy plays his drums, sixty years of experience informs every authoritative stroke.
A working musician since 1942, Haynes' unrelenting swing and sound of surprise has graced the bands of a who's-who list of jazz innovators across a wide spectrum of improvisation.

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Roy Haynes Discography


Roy Haynes Hip Ensemble

Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-29
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded live in Rome 1975, November 13

Roy Haynes (drums),
Don Pate (bass),
Mark Fiorillo (guitar),
John Mosley (trumpet), Bill Saxton (tenor sax)


Side A

A1) Spring Time - 10'04"
A2) Well You Needn't - 8'25"

Side B

B1) I'm So High - 8'05"
B2) Guadalupe - 12'36"

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  1. Davvero interessante questo progetto. Erano altri anni e forse anche altre passioni. Oggi tutto questo non c'è più. Molte grazie.

  2. hi, thank you, I've waited few years to hear this LP. But wouldn't it be nice to split it in tracks before encoding?

  3. Hi, please why not "jazz confronto n°28" ?

  4. hi from canada,

    is it possible to reload this cd , the link is dead ?


  5. Yes, please re-up with a new link. This album is impossible to find, even samples on youtube...