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Until some time ago, my wishlist of HLL, Jazz A Confronto series, was blocked.

I was also thinking about starting to publish, in this same blog, the records of the other two series of HORO, the HZ and the HDP, where Aldo Sinesio recorded, as rare documents that remained over time, musicians like these: Gil Evans, Don Pullen, George Adams, Dave Burrell, Stafford James, Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Ran Blake, David Murray, Sam Rivers, Roy Haynes, Karl Berger, Martial Solal, M.E.V, etc.

Then, with the help of Alessandro, musician and jazz's fan, I had the opportunity to hear two chapters missing in my collection, and also to shorten my wish list, and I'm here.

The first one that I share with you, is the Jazz A Confronto n° 24.

Enrico Pieranunzi six years

According to Enrico Pieranunzi discography, compiled by Maurizio Franco and published in the Musica Jazz magazine, this is the first LP recorded by the roman pianist as a leader.
This discography, including his records only until 1993, is the most complete documentation on the recordings of the first Pieranunzi.

Thanks again to Alessandro, who also sent me the volume No. 4 of this legendary series that I'll put online soon, I wish to say thanks to Steve Williams, collaborator to, and my greatest supporter since the beginning of this project.


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-24
Format: LP
Country: Italy
Recorded in Rome, between June 21 and June 30, 1975
Enrico Pieranunzi (p),
Bruno Tommaso (bass), Ole Jorgensen (drums)


A1) Piece for Joan - 4'59"
A2) After You - 5'18"
A3) Polychrome - 4'22"
A4) Blues Smiles - 5'04"

Enrico with his father, Alvaro Pieranunzi,
one of the pioneers of jazz in Italy.

B1) Long Drink - 3'34"
B2) Soul Day - 6'58"
B3) Ragnhild - 3'52"
B4) Camping 72 - 6'28"

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  1. Thank you very much for all your wonderful work...
    It's to difficult for me to listen these amazing LPs from the Italian Jazz Scene...

  2. Grazie! Comunque io della tua lista ho quello di Franco Ambrosetti, vedo di ripparlo al più presto e di girartelo.

  3. Thank you for this little gem.

    And thank you for posting single files now. It was real work to split these sidelong tracks to singles.