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Another missing records is added to this discography dedicated to Aldo Sinesio's label, always thanks to Alessandro, who wanted to share a little piece of his passion with us.

Frank Rosolino - August 20, 1926, Detroit, Michigan / November 26, 1978, Los Angeles, California - will be remembered and respected throughout the contemporary jazz world for his mastery of the trombone, his uncanny ability to fit and work successfully with a wide range of musical ideas, and perhaps last but not entirely forgotten, his wit and capacity for comic entertainment. There has seldom been a time when any single aspect of this amazingly complex individual was submerged for any great length of time. He was always the superb performer, upfront individually as a musician or commercially as an entertainer.
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Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-04
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at “Junior Studio”,
Rome on 1973, May

Frank Rosolino (trombone), Franco D'Andrea (p),
Bruno Tommaso (bass), Bruno Biriaco (drums)

Gianni Basso (tenor sax) on track A2,
Enrico Pieranunzi replace F. D'Andrea on track B4


A1) Waltz for Roma - 8'19"
A2) Alex - 7'32"
A3) Free for All - 8'02"

B1) Blue Daniel - 6'47"
B2) Close the Door - 4'59"
B3) Skylab - 6'28"
B4) Toledo - 4'50"

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  1. Side B can not be downloaded. This really to bad for such a fine record. Pls can you do something about it.

  2. wil, the file is ok, I have just downloaded to test.
    You just have to try again and again, or make a donation, so I can pay a premium subscription on Megaupload and everything would be faster.

    Here, everything is free!

  3. Very special - thanks. Waiting for Garrett List....

  4. frank roso
    this promises to be a nice session
    thank you

  5. Many thanks for this rarity, downloading with no problem on premium MU.

  6. Grazie , molto bello.

    thanks from Italy....

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  8. Salve, ho la ristampa in CD del disco di Frank Rosolino ("Conversations") registrato in Italia nel 1973 con Conte Candoli e Franco D'Andrea... Non sapevo nulla di questo disco della Horo. Se non chiedo troppo, potrebbe postarlo di nuovo? Grazie in anticipo.

  9. Thanks! Just download side A,then wait a bit and get side B, EASY!!

  10. The link to Side A is no longer available, it is probably caused by some new rules in rapidshare work, that's sadly