lunedì 5 marzo 2012

The Definitive Roswell Rudd - HORO HZ 12 - 1979

The Jazz A Confronto series is stopped for some time.
I need three titles to complete the discography, but the "big deal" of Megaupload has again made unavailable these rare recordings.

I thought about reloading, but no one of the hosts available today seems reliable.
I'll go on randomly, hoping for a healthy law on sharing art and a higher intelligence that, probably, most of the human race don’t get even in this new century.


Label: HORO
Catalog#: HZ 12
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded at Audio Sound Studio
in Rome - March 6, 1979

Roswell Rudd
(trombone, piano, 
bass, drums and voice)


Side One

Side One

A1) Up Front – 6:08
A2) Keep Your Heart Right – 3:10
A3) Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside) – 4:37
A4) One-A-Day Brand Shout – 8:22

B1) Zeibekiko (Greek Blues) – 5:55
B2) You Don’t See My Face
B3) Rhythm is King (Melody is Queen) – 13:05

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  1. Grazie come sempre. Si, la chiusura di Megaupload è stata un disatro. Sappi che decidessi di fare un nuovo upload c'è chi apprezzerebbe.



  2. The download, and all UL files, are unavailable in America. Can you post it on any other fileserver i.e. Rapidshare, mediafile, fileserve? Thank you

  3. Endless thanks for your blog on Horo ! A wonderful effort ! and so precious for a better understanding of european jazz history (and not only).

  4. Thank you. Any Roswell Rudd is welcome.

  5. thanks indeed, much appreciated!