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In this anthology, published by Aldo Sinesio at the middle of the the story of HORO, we find some alternative path of previous volumes, such as Johnny Griffin and Sal Nistico, one "anticipation", because this was the track of Steve Grossman, on the date which this collection was put on the market, and a curious experiment.

Three of these pieces all came out of the same session, in which Franco Ambrosetti's quartet was recording, but in this case the various components of the quartet meved into a freer pattern, breaking the structure of the group, creating small nuclei.

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Label: HORO
Catalog#: HLL 101-17
Format: LP
Country: Italy

Recorded in Rome, 1974/1975


Side A

A1) The Pasta Parade - 8'38"
Johnny Griffin (ten sax),
Franco D'Andrea (p), Giovanni Tommaso (bass), Bruno Biriaco (drums)
1974, April 7

A2) Paravento - 2'07"
Daniel Humair (drums & vocal)
1974, April 28

A3) Mariamar - 10'10"
Sal Nistico (ten sax),
Irio De Paula (g), Enrico Pieranunzi (p), Alessio Urso (bass), Afonso Vieira (drums)
1975, February 16

Side B

B1) Untitled - 10'47"
Steve Grossman (soprano sax, ten. sax),
Irio De Paula (g), Alessio Urso (g), Afonso Vieira (drums), Nilton Castro (perc)
1974, June 4

B2) Baje - 3'19"
Jasper Van't Hof (p)
1974, April 28

B3) Ashe Of Space - 5'40"
Franco Ambrosetti (flgh), J.F. Jenny-Clark (bass)
1974, April 28

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  1. I enjoyed this one as well, even if it just collects tape from the cutting floor. The Steve Grossman track is particularly strong.