domenica 27 ottobre 2019

HORO Records by Aldo Sinesio

The HORO Records is one of the most prestigious italian jazz label, founded on 1972 by Aldo Sinesio.

In this preview post, you are the story and the specifications of this label.

Now, some gems of this legendary label is again available in CD's from Atomic Records,
but the 14 december 2009,
Gianni Morelenbaum Gualberto says that the real HORO CDs, completely remastered, will be out in a couple of months at the latest, starting with a 3-package CDs with David Schnitter by Freddie Hubbard, Billy Childs, Larry Klein and Carl Burnett

He also will print the Jazz A Confronto series?

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  1. Very cool blog, great label, too little known in USA. One of my very favorite Lee Konitz records (superbly recorded!) is his quartet on Horo with Dave Cliff, Al Levitt and Peter Ind.



  2. We love Stafford James!!!! Let's hope 2010 sees some great releases. Gilles Peterson has a compilation in the making but what comes after that? We can but hope...

  3. I'm working on the remastering of the CDs with Aldo Sinesio. We're starting in 2010 with a 3-cd set by Freddie Hubbard (live in Italy, with Carl Burnett or Synclair Lott, Larry Klein, Billy Childs, David Schnitter) and an unreleased duo by pianist Dave Burrell and legendary drummer Sam Woodyard). We're planning to release all Horo records on Cd, but we have to build up a world-wide distribution. We'll soon release The Loadstar by Max Roach and the Sun Ra albums, plus some Jazz A Confronto (Massimo Urbani, Enrico Rava, Archie Shepp, Stafford James).
    As I mentioned in other posts, Atomic Records' HORO output is just a rip-off, transferring to CD some LPs, with no remastering and, above all, no authorization. Just piracy. Gianni Morelenbaum Gualberto

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  5. I'm delighted to learn that Horo records will be available on CD. I particularly hope some great stuff by Steve Lacy, Lee Konitz and David Murray is re-issued. Best wishes for this project.

  6. que maravilha de blog! i like touch italian in jazz and pregressive rock.

  7. Just a general comment...very, very nice stuff. Many thanks for sharing these gems with us. I am really digging your blogs!

  8. Atomic is just another label that belongs to the multylabebel thieves for spain, that print their cd's in Andora, to avoid european copyright law. It includes lonehilljazz, gambit, disconforme and many other labels. Nothing new about it.
    They do print some music that would have never been printed without them, but they also print stuff that have been isued by mosaic shory time ago, as well as stuff from Atlantic and Fantasy.

  9. Fabulous post. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  10. any chance of an upload of all the hero material?

    1. Install soulseek in your pc: